Paris Art Prize - Winners 2021

Sokratis Romilios won the 2021 Paris Art Prize for painting. 

Sokratis Romilios is an artist based in Greece whose paintings have been featured in solo exhibitions nationally, as well as in the United States, China, and France. He employs abstraction and automatic writing to express the "constant flow of life, emotions, and thoughts". Romilios creates intuitively and likens abstract art to life, as he believes that it is more important to live than to understand.

Luther Price won the 2021 Paris Art Prize for experimental film making. 

Luther Price (1962–2020) lived and worked in Revere, MA. He studied Sculpture and Media/Performing Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (BFA, 1987). His work in film, performance, and installation has been shown extensively, nationally and internationally.

Kelly Akashi won the 2021 Paris Art Prize for modern sculpture. 

 In her sculptural practice, Akashi utilizes indexical materials to emphasize the impressionability and physicality of objects. Often pairing delicate hand-blown glass or hand-made wax candles with bronze casts of her own hands, the artist captures momentary gestures, casting them into perpetual existence. Her interest in the mapping of time has led her to study fossils from extinct species in order to locate humankind amongst other consciousness that have thrived along the earth’s geological timeline. Drawing attention to the fluidity and interconnectedness of the media she uses, Akashi aims to capture the tension and physicality of objects in her practice.

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